Melissa Frayne - MISS DREAM STREET BEAUTY 2013
Hi Everyone.

I wanted to let you know that ….
Inspired by Jessie J, I have decided to have my head shaved in aid of The Royal Brompton Hospital.....11th March 2013.

I had heart surgery there when I was 11 and I’ve always wanted to do something substantial for them in return…. I really do owe them my life.

I have done some lovely Jessie J lookalike work in the past year since I met Jessie at a recording of The Voice (Jessie asked me if I did lookalike work…which I didn’t, at that point,) but the suggestion was the opening of a great opportunity for me and I’ve had an amazing year since.
SO….. because it has been widely publicised that Jessie herself is shaving her head for COMIC RELIEF… loads of people have been asking me if I am doing the same!?!… what better opportunity than NOW!

So I have created a page on the “JUST GIVING” website for the Royal Brompton Fountain. 

Would like to announce that I'll be donating my hair to the wonderful 'Little Princesses Trust' A wig company for children suffering with leukaemia. 

and give whatever you can as THE CHILDREN’S CARDIOVASCULAR UNIT at the Royal Brompton Hospital need all the help they can get for fear of closure.
Thank you

Love and best wishes
Melissa x 

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